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Luncheonette - West of 9th

A Cocktail A Day

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: I made my first attempt at a blog 8 years ago. Called A Cocktail a Day. It was a tough assignment.

My pursuit was to find amazing cocktails along with an exceptional customer experience. My blog became the inspiration which will soon be my second published book. “Sales Mixology – Why the Most Potent Sales and Customer Experiences Follow a Recipe for Success.”

A amazing cocktail is not enough. It must be created in a memorable environment by someone who truly cares about me (you), the customer. They must enjoy the process, relish the ingredients, and be committed to pulling them altogether. For my (and your) enjoyment.

In anticipation of my book release this Spring I am once again personally pursuing the best of experiences, capturing on my Sales Mixology Instagram page and seeking the best places for cocktail-themed book signings.

Last night we dined at the luncheonette counter at Giuseppe & Sons, a Schulson Collective restaurant. This cocktail, called “West of 9th”, crafted by our bartender Kieran, met all of my expectations.

Gin, lemon, agrodolce (I had to ask what that was too), vanilla and egg white served in gorgeous etched glass stemware.

Perfection. In a glass. Served up with a side of excellent service.

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