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Emily McVicker

You Never Know Where A Smile Could Go

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: You never know where a smile could go.

I wandered through SEA airport Sunday, trying to hit 10k steps before spending hours sitting on planes. Throughout the terminals, musicians were setting up ready to soothe stressed out travelers.

The sign said Emily McVicker. She had not sung a note yet. But she made direct eye contact with me and smiled. I couldn’t help but smile back.

I walked by a few more times in my efforts to get in more steps. Her voice is lovely, her presence radiates joy, and her smile is mesmerizing. Even though I was happy already, it just added extra glee. And I knew I needed to write about her.

This morning I looked her up, and was able to download one of her songs. What a surprise I had as I listened.

Her song “You Never Know” is all about a smile. How you never know where a smile could go. I have goosebumps!

Her debut album is called Mermaid Antidote, the perfect follow up to yesterday’s confession that I want to be a unicorn. She reminds me a bit of Christine Lavin for any of you as old as I am.

But mostly she just seems to be happy in her own skin. Playing music she loves.

And happy to send smiles into the world.

Check her out:

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