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Going Wired-Less

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: Would you give up your smartphone for a year?
Vitamin Water announced a contest. Give up your phone and tablet for 365 days and you could walk away with $100k. I had to enter. After all, I just finished the Year of the Gold Star. How hard is a year without apps?
Well that’s precisely what concerns me. My total dependence on apps.
I started to write down what I would miss and what I’d have to plan for. Here are just a few.
1. Find my Fitbit, without my Pacer app.
2. Track calories by hand, without my Noom app.
3. Read actual books, without my Kindle app.
4. Call restaurants, without my Open Table app.
5. Hail cabs, without my Lyft app.
6. Have some say “Hey there awesome runner!” without my Couch to 5k app.
7. Go 365 days without a free drink, without my Starbucks app.
8. Carry a deck of cards, without my Spider Solitaire app.
9. Look out the window, without my weather app.
But the scariest of all?
10. Remember how to read a map, without my Waze app.
So what happens if they don’t pick me? Maybe I do it anyway? I am pretty sure I could get some incredible media exposure. Maybe a book.
Is that Good Morning America calling? I’m coming! Wait. How do I buy a train ticket without my Amtrak app?

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