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I Refuse to Buy Bigger Pants

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: Who is stupid enough to begin a weight loss plan weeks before Christmas? Me.

I always know when it’s time to start watching my weight. When my pants no longer fit.

I refuse to buy bigger pants.

I decided to let #SecretShopperMichael try something new, figuring I could hide behind “her” if I failed. And then my friend Eric Twiggs (darn him), and expert in helping people overcome procrastination, kept posting pics of him after finishing a run at the gym.

I could hide no longer.

So I began this journey with the Noom Inc. app 12 days ago, and have been recording my journey every day.
#SecretShopperMichael usually doesn’t post her findings until an entire experience is complete, but this is a unique case. The app began prompting me to share my journey with others yesterday. So here I go.
12 days in, 3.6 lbs down, and feeling like this is a program that meets me where I live. In my head.

If you aren’t afraid to see me with no makeup on (I know, it is scary for me too), you can follow along:

A year ago I made a bold statement, to be in the best physical shape of my adult life by the time I turn 50. Which is in 84 days.

I like pressure situations.

But what I like more is to feel healthy. And for my pants to fit.

To learn more about the app, click on the link below:

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