Shock Your Potential



Take it Like a Loser

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: Do my nails really look like that?

I was out for dinner and everyone at the table finished their meal, except me. Jack’s Firehouse is a favorite and, although I didn’t know the name of our server, he knew mine. I am always surprised by that.

When he came to clear dishes he asked if I wanted a box, and I replied “Yes. It looks like I am the only loser who didn’t clear her plate.”

He came back with our complimentary freshly baked chocolate chip pecan cookies and my leftovers, and we all commented on how great of a server he was.

The next day I opened the bag to enjoy my leftovers for lunch, and couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the box. I literally laughed out loud.

What makes a memorable dining customer experience? Certainly all the things you’d expect like great food, great service, great environment.

But the small signs of personalities, a sense of humor, and in this case, obvious artistic abilities made this a lasting impression. And a reminder why this place is one of our favorites.

They constantly surprise me with little things, yet always deliver on the core. I suppose that’s why it is the place we take all guests to on their first night when they come to visit. I know our guests will enjoy, and will be treated well.

Like losers…

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