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Thoughts From the Coffee Table: I have always hated the budgeting process. Until now.

Throughout my career, I dreaded creating a budget each fall. I found it difficult to make predictions on income and expenses when I didn’t know what might happen. In reality, I was afraid.

What if I project revenue that I can’t deliver? What if we face expenses I didn’t predict? There was always an underlying fear for my job, and the more fiscal responsibility I held, the greater that fear became.

As I prepare the 2019 budget for my company, I initially felt the same trepidation. What if I can’t deliver? And what if I want to mix things up in June? I own the company. Why do I need a budget?

Then I took a step back. A business without a budget is like a plane with no flight plan. You can get somewhere, but what pitfalls do you face in the unknown?

A friend posted this pic of her Thanksgiving morning breakfast. A few simple things turn breakfast into a joy. Healthy food disguised as fun.

I began looking at my budget in the same light. There are many potential flight plans for my business in 2019, but what are the payoffs if I achieve the big picture? Can I view my budget as a partner? A healthy fiscal plan disguised as a game to win?

Yes. All I need now is a candy corn nose.

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