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Intergalactic Escape is Harder Than You Think

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: I’ve always worked well under pressure. Until this.


My first Escape Room experience was frustrating to this over-achiever. I didn’t expect to feel like such a failure. 


Trapped in a room with 4 smart and talented people, I found myself doing things that surprised me. Although we had some early successes, other puzzles baffled me. At times I found myself repeating an action that had failed to deliver results. The definition of insanity.


Sometimes I just stopped, held hostage to my inability to think strategically in an unknown environment. In the end we ran out of time, given escape to take our photo shoot of defeat.


The gamemaster complimented us, telling us how close we were (we made it to the third room) and how few groups get that far. Could we have been successful even though we failed?


The competitive part of me wanted to return to the same game and apply my newfound knowledge. Could we finish in time knowing what we know now?


Another part of me disregarded the compliment, assuming the gamemaster wanted to make us feel better.


But now I see the parallel to so much in life. Take what you have learned. Apply it to future situations. And don’t get frustrated when you don’t win the first time you play the game.

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