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Left and Right Brains Living in Harmony

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: What do you see? What can your imagination generate?

I have a creative mind. Ideas pop into my head all day long, and earlier in my career they were the squirrel to my canine attention span. Now I write them down and review them later to decide what to implement, what to discard and what to consider for another time.

I often envy linear thinkers. Do they get more done without the distraction of random thoughts? Or am I just making assumptions?

I have been at a conference all week with some very linear thinkers, and it has been a great counterpart to the constant activity of my right brain. It’s like a workout to boost my left brain capability!

Yesterday I took a guided hike through Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve and practiced just being in the moment. The impact of the CA drought is clear here, and every brief flash of new life is welcome.

Our guide pointed out this small dried out plant and asked what we thought it looked like. Turns out, once upon a time, model train enthusiasts picked these, painted them green, and used them as trees in displays.

Linear thinker meets creative eye. A combination that provided job for both. And an opportunity to live in harmony. For an end result I could have never imagined.

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