Shock Your Potential



Thoughts From the Coffee Table: Can a fruit plate make up for a poor customer experience? What if it is accompanied by a bottle of wine?

Staying at a resort for a conference, we have had a number of significant issues that keep getting compounded.

The staff have apologized and have been very responsive. They are trying.

It’s an odd place, rooms for thousands yet designed for hundreds. They are understaffed, and tend to run out of food. There aren’t enough bars, doom for conference goers with expense accounts. The rooms are oddly designed with furniture that doesn’t fit.

When I spoke to a manager yesterday she sounded embarrassed. “This is not reflective of us as a report or a brand.” I felt for her.

Since we were out of hot water yesterday for 5 hours, she offered novel options. She accepted the issues without trying to offer excuses. She tried to hide the panic and frustration in her voice.

I wasn’t surprised to see the fruit bowl show up, nor the accompanying wine. It wasn’t enough to make up for cold showers. But it was enough to prove something. Even without great solutions, she was still trying to connect.

This morning, virtually no hot water again. I/we/they can’t catch a break. I hope that manager has the day off.

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