Shock Your Potential



Sandcastles In the Sky…

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: Why do we build sandcastles when we know they are just one wave away from destruction?

Yesterday I walked the beach on Coronado island in San Diego. Although a cool day in CA terms, there were nonetheless dozens of industrious sandcastle builders of all ages. My favorite was a boy (perhaps 4) who had a soup ladle and was filling his moat (ok, it was more like just a hole next to a pile of sand) one ladle at a time.

I bet he hit his 10k steps within a 5 feet boundary.

The next creation was already abandoned by its builder, but still safe from encroaching waves for another hour or so. The level of complexity of this masterpiece suggests older builders, adults channeling their inner child at sharp juxtaposition to clear engineering expertise.

I contemplated our need to create. To build. To challenge reality in the hopes that just this once, creativity will win out over mother nature.

And yet, it happens all the time. The horseless carriage. Skyscrapers. Space travel.

Here is my challenge for this Monday. Build something today. If you have snow, use snow. If you have sand, use sand. If you have clay, use clay. Post your pic here and share.

 Just for the fun of it. Just for the imagination of it. Just because you can.

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