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Jack o lantern

Trick or Treat!

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: What an interesting pumpkin!

Yes it is. I am creative. Or just bad with a knife.

Our neighborhood is usually packed with kids on Halloween. As a child I had to walk many dark blocks and up long walkways (uphill, both ways, with no shoes in snow…) to get a single piece of candy, often of an undesired type. It took a long time to fill that pillow case.

As I watched our ghouls arrive, I was struck by the parade of “the same” purchased costumes. Disney princesses and Marvel superheroes reigned supreme with fancy candy collection bags.

Where is our individuality? Where is our creativity?

So it should come as no surprise that my favorite candy beggars of the night were 3 girls, probably 14 years old. They were Thing 1 and Thing 2, along with the Cat in the Hat. Their costumes were completely home-made. Nothing was purchased except for red and white striped socks.

And they looked amazing!

They were polite and smiled. They had no cell phones out. There were no bare midriffs. They said “Trick or Treat” without being prompted.¬†They greeted us with childlike joy and zero teenage angst.

It was like going back in time. Where creativity and personality and innocence reigned.

If only for one night and with 3 girls.

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