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Rules of the Road

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: I moved to ID long ago. Despite nearly 20 years driving I had to take a written exam to get my ID license. I failed the first time, missing 3 of the road signs that I had never seen. I apparently did not know the rules of the road in ID.

I have driven through many countries where you drive on the left side of the road. OK, let’s be honest. I was a passenger and closed my eyes at intersections hoping we would make it through alive, but I knew the rules of the road.

Today on my morning walk I was happily keeping to the right side of the sidewalk when, like most days, someone heads towards me on “my” side of the sidewalk.

Cue Inner Monologue: “What are they doing? Don’t they see me? Why are they walking on this side? Should I move over? Should I play chicken? Why does this happen?”

I decided to stay strong and forced her over to “her” side. I felt victorious!

Until right behind her was a  woman running with her dog. A large dog.

I moved over.

Did I need to win? Not really. How many times do I get frustrated when people don’t follow the “rules of the road” that they don’t either know or care to follow?

For the rest of my walk, I adapted. Was I giving in? Maybe. But I was not frustrated again. Not even once.

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