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Bacon, Party of 2….

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: Bacon, party of 2, your table is ready.

If you follow me you know I report positive examples of leadership, sales and the customer experience. Today, however, I have a rant. I’m sorry.

We live in the city. We walk everywhere. We don’t own a car. We buy groceries from places we walk to. Like the flagship Whole Foods of the mid-Atlantic.

I didn’t completely like the layout when it opened. It is challenging to navigate on a good day. Now that it is filled with personal shoppers, it is a war zone. Headphones in, phones logging lists for people who want 2 hour grocery delivery, I have trouble getting to the tomatoes. Don’t even get me started on trying to get out the door where all the groceries are held in limbo.

Amidst my battle for space at the meat counter, this sign caught my eye. It made me laugh. Endorphins released. Needed whimsy when my cortisone had been spiking.

Every situation can be de-escalated if we try. Step back, take a breath, and start again.

Why I have been frustrated in silence when there are solutions to make happy shoppers? How can we start a dialogue that helps all parties. Those inside the store and those on their couches. (I know. I am making assumptions. I apologize.)

Those inside the store and those with crazy busy schedules.

De-escalation in progress.

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