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Toss The Dice…

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: Me and you, and you and me. No matter how they toss the dice, it had to be. The only one for me and you is you and me. So happy together.

“She was the perfect employee. I can’t function without her. I can’t believe she quit!” As we talked through her perfect mess, I asked her if she knew why this perfect employee quit.

“Not a clue. I left her alone to do her job. And now she’s gone and I am in a complete lurch.”

I recently listened to Cam Marston, a speaker on generational differences. Cam walked us through the (generalized) differences with Matures, Boomers, Gen X, Millennials, and iGens. My eyes were opened more than once.

For instance, Gen X managers (like me and this woman) have a tendency to do just this. Trust people. Leave them alone. Let them figure out problems on their own.

The real problem? This employee is a Millennial. She enjoys frequent communication and interaction. She knows that she can learn from mistakes of others and feels isolated when we force her to “fail in order to learn.”

I found this on my walk this morning. It made me wonder. Instead of complaining about differences, could we learn to communicate better across these differences?

With no more need to roll the dice, to be happy together.


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