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The Grass Looks Greener From Here….

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: All or nothing. My way or the highway.

I’ve had numerous calls lately with people in active job search. People with good jobs, ready for the next level.

A common theme, though, reminds me of me, earlier in my career. A “grass is greener” mentality. A belief that “everything will be perfect if I can just get out of here.”

But no company, job or boss is perfect. And we have more control than we think.

In my late 20’s I had VP responsibility of a non-profit, but did not hold the title. I asked the Pres for it who later told me the Board did not approve my request. So I quit.

At my going away party, the Board Chair asked how they could have kept me. Shocked, I told him that all I had wanted was the VP title.

They had never been asked. And I didn’t follow up.

The squirrels are attacking our fall displays. I find tiny half-eaten gourds all over. I patiently pick each one up and them back in planters, hiding the gnawing.

Why not throw them away? Because there is still good, and I can hide the ugly until it is the right time. The squirrels aren’t going to win.

They might leave a few scars, but I’m not ready to give up yet. Not until I decide it’s time, on my holiday display terms.

However, next year…fake gourds.

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