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Moon from AZ

I See the Moon, The Moon Sees Me…

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: There is a large group of people that believe that the world is flat.

I’m serious.

They think that we are being brainwashed. They don’t believe we landed on the moon or have a rover on Mars. It was summed up to me when one man said “It doesn’t look round to me.”

I recently read The Checklist Manifesto by Dr. Atul Gawande. In his book he puts the traditional paragon of the surgeon to the test with a simple checklist. He forces us to question the way we “get things done” by way of “how can we improve?”

His proof in the surgical suite, in the cockpit, in the construction of skyscrapers and more are undeniable. He also shows how unwilling we are to take the simple, undeniable truth, and embrace it.

Our egos get in the way.

Although I use checklists, his book forced me to rethink how I use them, especially now in my own company. Keep them simple with the most critical elements that, if missed, lead to failure. Make them easy to use and not too many steps. But don’t fail to use them.

I just attended an event where we had an astronomer with his telescope pointed at the moon when we arrived, and soon to Mars as dusk fell. This pic is from my phone through the telescope.

Moon. Round. Check!

Mars. Round. Check, Check!

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