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Breathe Grasshopper….Breathe

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: Breathe grasshopper. Breathe.

When one of my team gets stressed, I say those words. Friday, one of them used them on me. Priceless.

I am waiting on one critical element to be able to go live on my Shock Your Job Search Potential virtual conference. Every step was complete more than a week ago, except one I didn’t anticipate.

Given the “This usually takes 2-6 business days to complete, but we’ll push it through for you,” by Friday (technically day 6+), I was frustrated beyond belief.

Breathe grasshopper. Breathe. I shut down my computer for the rest of the weekend. If it wasn’t going to happen then, I might as well enjoy myself.

Today on my morning walk I began to get myself riled up again, planning my call to said company. Then I walked by this beautiful bouquet, left sadly in ruins at a bus stop.

What happened? How did such beauty get left behind as if in anger? What was said or done with intense negative emotion?

As I walked away I took that deep breath and let my frustrations ebb. Although I planned to be civil in my call, could I have been? Or would emotion come through an taint an important relationship?

So before I pick up the phone, I will breathe. And smile. To find a positive solution.

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