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Thoughts From the Coffee Table: I spoke at the International Spa Association conference and came home with bags of goodies. I am having fun pulling out a new surprise every day or so in order to keep the feeling going, much like a grown-up bag of Halloween treats.

One of the exhibits made a particular impact on me. Body Bliss CEO Pam Sculthorp a created this personalized perfumed oil for me.

I don’t wear perfume anymore, but this product, based on my birth year and filled with 2 types of gemstones (goldstone and moonstone) seems to awaken my inner creative. It sits on my desk and is pleasing both aromatically and visually.

What really resonates with me, however, is the combination of a beautifully crafted product built around a truly unique customer experience. You don’t purchase this off the shelf. It is arranged for you, and with you, guiding the end product.

It is easy to feel like a number these days. Easy to get lost in our own busyness. In fact, I wasn’t even their customer. They didn’t have to spend time with me.

Yet even in the bright lights of a convention center, I felt special.

I didn’t realize until later that Pamela was the CEO. What a tribute to her company, her vision and mission. Made with her hands, just for me.

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