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A Year of Gold

The Year of the Gold Star

Thoughts From the Coffee Table:  365 days later. 346 out of 365 puffy gold stars. And a lifetime of lessons.

Last year on October 5 I made a decision. Although I had been working on such things like daily meditation, exercise and journaling, I wasn’t consistent.

Upon reflection I recognized that on days that I did all 3, I was at my most effective. Highly productive.

So I set out on a year long journey of gamification. On days where I did all 3, I would literally give myself a gold star.

I can’t believe the year is over! And although the calendars will come down off the wall, I intend to keep the practice going, notated in my journal.

The experience has made me more thoughtful. More peaceful. And definitely more productive. I was just telling someone about the 5 major projects I am working on now and she said “Wow! You must be stressed and exhausted!”

I smiled when I realized that was neither, even when she didn’t believe me.

I am invigorated!

Today my gold star starts another chapter. Literally and figuratively. As I chronicled this journey and now will compile to another book, I know that my Year of the Gold Star simply begins again.

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