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Pay Phone

One Ringy Dingy…

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: 867-5309. 4 little numbers that changed so much. I feel sorry for Jenny and am fairly sure she had to change her number.

In my book “Tell Me More” I’ve inserted a test. One of my protagonists shows a slide in a presentation, urging the participants to text the words “Jane Smith” to 72000. I hope people do it, just like I know that Tommy Tutone intended.

I don’t think he knew it would lead to the development of 555 numbers to avoid such Jenny troubles.

There are children today who won’t know these references and who won’t know what this pic is. I was shocked to find it hanging on a wall recently. I immediately took the pic, quietly, almost as if I were seeing a Zebra in the wild. Don’t frighten it. It might run away.

I often reflect on days gone by. Those quieter times of yester-year before we were accessible 24/7. When we needed a pile of coins to make a call.

I don’t really believe it though. I say it because it sounds good. After all, we should all be striving to reduce complexity, right?

I am rethinking my control on that concept. I have the power.

For instance, I don’t have work email on my phone, because I choose to. I need space at times, and that is my way to create it. A choice.

My power. My own simplicity.

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