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Thoughts From the Coffee Table: Remember getting a lollipop from the doctor after you got a shot? Or perhaps ice cream if the experience was especially traumatic, like when I refused to swallow pills and had to get a penicillin shot. Ouch.

The treat didn’t help the process, but it had a very positive impact on the recovery. Pain and fear forgotten.

I had my annual mammogram today at 7:45am. I like to get unpleasant things done as early in the day as possible. And a mammogram is certainly not a pleasant experience.

Jokes have been told. Cartoons drawn. Complaints made. I have never met a woman who enjoys the experience. And the data is all over the place from how often we should get them to whether it is the most effective screening. Heck, we aren’t even taught to self-examine anymore.

But I believe in getting it done annually. Until there is something better, it is my choice.

There are people I love fighting the battle right now. People I love who’ve fought and won. People I love who’ve fought and lost. So I go. Every year.

I stopped at Starbucks on the way home. A Grande vanilla latte, extra hot. An adult treat.

Now comes the wait. 5 days holding my breath on the results, hoping that I will celebrate for real this weekend.

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