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Thoughts From the Coffee Table: Can you hear me now?

If you follow my posts you know that I strive to keep my themes positive. I focus on the good, not the bad. But I found myself in an odd situation this week, and it nags at me.

People who talk loudly on their phones before takeoff and immediately upon landing make me a wee bit crazy. And as I watch others me, I know I am not alone.

Is it a lack of self-awareness? A need to be the center of attention? Or, the question that comes from over 10 years in the hearing industry, are they simply losing their hearing?

I was amazed at the man the seat ahead of me on Tuesday. Not only did he have a loud conversation prior to takeoff, he did it on speaker phone. The amount of eye rolling on that plane was staggering!

Despite what I think is an example of poor manners, this time I began to think about the man he was talking to. Did he know he was on speaker phone? How would he have felt to be a part of other people’s angst? Would he have cut the call short had he known?

We have the opportunity every day to be polite. Considerate. Professional. But is there a way we can influence others who are making poor choices without shaming or sounding cranky? Can we raise their awareness?

Can they hear us now?

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