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One Ounce of Inspiration….

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: There is nothing like the smell, of goji berry in the morning.

I am sad to say that I have now returned home from the ISPA – International SPA Association meeting in Phoenix. I was fortunate enough to be chosen as a speaker for #ISPA2018 and had so much fun walking through the exhibit hall. I think I made it through almost half of the exhibitors, left with a ton of amazing goodies, and met some dynamic people who are building brands and products that are impressive.

Jewelry made with mustard seeds, candles that fight sex trafficking, spa clothing that you can literally dance in.

Jamie Kidd, co-owner and head of research & development for Adamah was just one of many entrepreneurs following her passions. Her enthusiasm for company and product is infectious, and this type of positive energy flowed throughout the room.

I found so many people there working diligently to Shock Their Potential that I think I have my podcast lineup for the next year! (That may be a stretch, but not by much)

And I was reminded that passions and careers can find a merger point. You can follow your dreams and make a living. You can also build something that becomes bigger than you.

One jar of ionic body cream at a time.

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