Shock Your Potential


Niagar Falls

If All Your Friends Went Over the Falls in a Barrel, Would You?

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: According to, “On October 24th, 1901 Annie Taylor became the first person and the first woman to go over the falls in a barrel and survive. Ms Taylor, a 63 year old school teacher from Michigan, accompanied by her cat, decided to tempt fate in an effort to gain fame and fortune.”

Why would anyone want to do something so dangerous, even for fame and fortune? And yet while viewing the falls I couldn’t hep but wonder what route would be the best. Straight down the middle or around one of the sides? The sides seemed the most logical to me from my vantage point.

When I asked my husband, he said “I would go over where the water is deepest at the bottom.”

Yet again I was reminded that it helps to gain input from others. They often help you see a problem from a different vantage point.

I just spent 2 days with 2 people I have admired for years, all of us building a business from scratch. That can be a lonely trek, and it is not always easy to be objective. As we shared our business plans, I gained valuable insight. Objective feedback. Clearer perspective. Fresh ideas.

Two other vantage points of reference.

As I put their advice into motion, I only have one question.

What happened to Ms. Taylor’s cat?

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