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Marriott Cleveland

Happy Golden Anniversary!

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: I became a Marriott Rewards member about 25 years ago, on my first business trip. Happy Golden Anniversary to me!

My husband and I tell people we have a mixed marriage. I am Marriott Lifetime Platinum and he is Hilton Diamond. Not lifetime though. I lord that over him whenever possible.

This week I met Tonda, a dynamo in the concierge lounge at the Renaissance Cleveland Hotel. A team member for 26 years, Tonda is the embodiment of everything wonderful about this brand. Happy Belated Golden Anniversary Tonda!

Her smile is giant. Her laugh is genuine. She knows guests personally. She greets everyone as they arrive and hates to see them leave. She clearly loves her job. And she definitely loves the company that she works for.

How do you hire for this kind of character? How can we find a Tonda for every critical customer-facing position?

Over 2 days, interactions with every team member in this hotel has been outstanding. Despite Tonda’s innate fabulousness, there is clearly a culture here of finding, and retaining, great people.

This type of professionalism mixed with pure personality is business magic, the level we should each strive to achieve. And I found it here in beautiful downtown Cleveland.

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