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What a Tangled Web…

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: I’m so busy that I can’t get anything done! So I took a break to find Focus and Balance.

I am working on 4 major projects right now. I made the decision to let a couple things go by the wayside (like this daily post) for the last 2 weeks in order to keep on track. Focus.

I even managed a getaway with the hubby to Niagara Falls, a place I have always wanted to see. Balance.

Outside our window, 46 floors up with an incredible view of both falls, I found this guy. I call him Charlie.

I don’t like spiders, but I was fairly confident he wouldn’t burrow through the window and kill me in my sleep.

I couldn’t stop watching him, working as the sun set, working again as the sun rose. Always perfecting his web, never satisfied. Never done.

Focus. Balance.

Focus is tricky. Do you see everything clearly enough to do the right things at the right time? I can get myopic.

Balance is tricky. Time to work, time to play, all the while ensuring that your web never falters.

After all, I am responsible for my own safety net.

Charlie has Focus. He has Balance. It might not be the life that I would choose for myself, but there is no denying that he takes his safety net seriously.

Every day. 46 floors up.

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