Shock Your Potential


Chicken Feet

Is the Sky Falling Chicken Little?

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: I went in to the office of a physician client after a remodel, and was shocked to find the receptionist behind an opaque window.

I stood in front of the window for  a few mins, wondering how a patient would feel. The beautiful waiting room, complete with fireplace, felt lonely.

In response to my question the receptionist said she asked for it because “Dr. X always runs late and I get nervous when the patients get agitated.”

Last week flight delays kept me an extra day in Seattle, and I was told my luggage would be pulled out so that I wouldn’t have to go without it for 24 hours. 2 hours and 4 other agents later I was beginning to get cranky.

3 agents were nice and 1 was a nightmare. She told me disdainfully that she could not help me since I chose to change my flight. Interesting perspective on a plane not flying.

No one could tell me where my luggage was or what to expect next. I felt lost. Uncertain. Nervous.

I taught the receptionist to update patients on the doc’s time, keep them calm and offer to reschedule. Control the room through information.

I then had the window replaced with clear glass.

We shouldn’t ever be too chicken to talk. To answer questions. To reduce anxiety.

To truly walk in another’s…feet.

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