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Christopher Walk-In

Purple Monkey Dishwasher – Yes, It Is a Name of a Beer!

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: It was a dark and stormy night. No, wait. That’s not true.

It was a dark and stormy morning, but the afternoon proved sunny and hot. What better way to pass the day than hop on our bikes to tour some of the breweries in Philly?

Evil Genius Beer Company was an amazing place to start. The beers have crazy names like #Adulting, Stacy’s Mom, and Ma! The Meatloaf! The food they put out looked amazing. And their outdoor space is totally inviting, except after you’ve ridden a few miles to get there and air conditioning was more important.

The brewery is referred to as The Lab, and these people know how to have fun. The tour was one of the most informative I have every been on, especially learning how they crammed 150 lbs of Swedish Fish into one brew, and 150 boxes of Lucky Charms into another.

Sugar makes for great beer.

Every person working there left an impression on me, examples of the best customer experience focus. They don’t just like their jobs. They love them, and they clearly love each person who chooses to go there to enjoy a beer. A smile. And a laugh.

The Christopher Walk-In fridge says it all.

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