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Bok Bar

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. I remember when that slogan was first introduced. The world became used to blue bins that went out on garbage day and the compulsion to wash out soup cans and milk jugs.

What do you do, then, with a 34,000 sf school building that comprises one city block and has been closed since 2013? How do you reuse or recycle that?

You fill it with business and open a roof top bar, of course!

The Bok Building is filled with jewelers, architects, furniture makers, fashion designers, milliners, product designers, artists, charitable organizations, a day care and even a local boxing club, all housed in the previously empty classrooms. And the Bok Bar tops it all off with the most spectacular city views.

I went there the first time this weekend, awed by the ingenuity to repurpose a building that still has so much life. And instead of being turned into yet one more apartment building, this place is a mecca of business opportunity.

When we left there was a line with over an hour wait to get to this hot spot, which is proof that I am actually still cool. Wait…I was leaving at 8pm and people were just coming out.

Oh Well. As long as that doesn’t mean I am ready to be recycled, I suppose I am ok with that. #shockyourpotential #secretshoppermichael #salesmixology #tellmemorebook #business #sales #marketing #inspiration #motivation #customerservice #podcast #podcasting #customerexperience #entrepreneur #leadership #linkedin #travel #retail #shopping @bok_bar @visitphilly

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