Shock Your Potential



Signs, Signs, Everywhere There’s Signs…

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: This morning was strangely silent on my morning walk. I did not hear one angry blare of a horn.

On one street a man was directing traffic to help keep things moving around his truck delivering building supplies to a job site. Flag in hand he helped a nervous biker get through and then navigated about 30 cars into zipper formation to keep things moving. He had a smile on the whole time.

Almost home I heard my first horns. Two quick beeps from a truck letting a car know they could back up safely and 2 happy beeps in return with thanks. In the heat and crazy summer humidity of a big city, this was such a shocking and welcome experience.

Every day our personal and professional lives through us curves. There is stress. There are unknowns. There are forces at play that can seem to play against us. We are on uneven pavement often.

The man from the truck could have let cars fight their way by while he did his job to unload. The other truck could have ignored the car trying to leave a challenging parking space. Drivers who would rather be at the shore than heading in to an office on a beautiful Friday could have taken their frustrations out with a blare of noise.

But today, we took care of each other. And everyone was a winner.

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