Shock Your Potential


Gold Star July

The Year of the Gold Star Continues

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: I can’t believe I am 2.5 months away from completing my “Year of the Gold Star.” If you’ve been following me for a while you know that on October 5, 2017 I made the commitment to give myself a gold star each day that I accomplished 3 important activities.

Write in my journal. Exercise at least 30 minutes. Meditate.

Intended to help me keep focus for my personal and professional life, it has reaped more rewards than I could have ever imagined. Sure, I’ve missed a few days. I worried about that for awhile. I no longer do. I have learned a different level of patience. And forgiveness. And focus.

I guess you could say that I have Shocked My Own Potential in the process, opening my mind to new and creative ways to build my business while strengthening my character.

Many of you along the way said you were going to try it, or something similar. I would love to hear your stories, especially as I prepare to add parts of this journey in another book I will begin writing on October 6, 2018.

I am not sure if I’ll still give myself a literal Gold Star daily after my year is complete. But I know now that it is a part of my nomenclature. My DNA. My success. #shockyourpotential #secretshoppermichael #salesmixology #tellmemorebook #business #sales #marketing #inspiration #motivation #customerservice #podcast #podcasting #customerexperience #entrepreneur #leadership #linkedin #travel #retail #shopping #exercise #journaling #meditation

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