Shock Your Potential



Just 5 Minutes More Mom? Please?

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: Ms. Pac Man made me late for school in the 7th grade. None of it was my fault.

It was actually the fault of 7-11. They were offering 5 games for $1. I held no responsibility in that transgression!

My mother had to write me a note. She was not happy.

While waiting for my plane out of DFW last week, I noticed this unique “lounge” of sorts right next to my gate. 20 or so beautiful monitors with your selection of video games and comfortable chairs.

The attendant told me that this location is one of the first in the country. I was impressed he was there at 6am, but apparently his first customer had been at 4:30am.

By 9am daily he will have a waiting list at both locations, a sure sign that this business concept is unique and on track. Instead of facing fear and frustration in the decline of retail, can we instead spark our imaginations to new heights? I would have never thought of this and yet, it is brilliant!

My only question. How many people will miss a flight due to something  not their fault? After all, Fortnite will have you saving the world. How do you balance that against a business trip?

You will bear no responsibility for that transgression. I’ll write you a note.

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