Shock Your Potential



The Laughing Airline That is No Joke

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: Many businesses still operate with a shot-gun strategy and hope for success. Smart businesses are willing to pay for targeted marketing. Higher financial risk, yet often higher financial reward.

This week I experienced one of the best examples of a high-spend marketing initiative that have ever seen.

I am at the National Speakers Association conference in Dallas. 1200 people who speak, and travel, for a living.

CEO of Southwest Airlines Gary Kelly spoke at the opening session and blew my mind.

What I assumed was a nice opportunity to showcase an important local company, Gary spoke of values, pride in his team, and that Southwest has never had a layoff. Ever.

He asked how many of us were frequent Southwest fliers, and about 15% of the room raised their hands.

“I brought a few of the worlds best flight attendants along with me today.” The visual was impressive, baskets of snack mix in hand. The PR junkie in me loved it!

“And they have a $100 travel voucher for everyone in the room.” What?!?!

$100. For over 1200 people. Who all travel for a living. With an 85% new customer potential.

Smart. Targeted. Perfectly matching a product with the appropriate customer. Sheer brilliance.

And absolutely embraced.

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