Shock Your Potential


47277273 - like and unlike, thumps up and thumps down

What’s Not To Like?

Thoughts From the Coffee Table:  “I love your posts! I read them everyday!”

“Thank you! Why do you never Like or Comment?”

“Because I don’t want to seem like a stalker.”

“I got such a kick out of your post on toilet paper.”

“Thank you! Why do you never Like or Comment?”

“Because we’re family and that might seem weird.”

(Note: that one made me giggle. We have different last names)

“I love reading your posts. They always make me think.”

“Thank you! Why do you never Like or Comment?”


“Yes please!”

“Because you hardly ever Like or Comment on mine.”


When we Like and Comment, we spread that person’s message to our connections. We show our contacts what we believe in. And in the LinkedIn world, reach expands exponentially, allowing others to decide if they want to be a part of our universe.

When I was beginning to grow my connections, I spent a lot of time Liking and Commenting. Now that I am busier, I have let this slip.

In a matter of hours I will be on a true vacation.  Sure I’ll check email and LinkedIn and my podcast download data. But I will not be posting regularly.

Instead, I will do some Liking and Commenting. Connecting. Supporting. And proving that my one voice can help others make change. #shockyourpotential #secretshoppermichael #salesmixology #tellmemorebook #business #sales #marketing #inspiration #motivation #customerservice #podcast #podcasting #customerexperience #entrepreneur #leadership #linkedin

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