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Thoughts From the Coffee Table: Can “Free” get you out of the dog house?

I met a friend at a place that has recently reopened. The new menu isn’t all that exciting, but we wanted to give it a shot. We like to support our neighborhood.

The place is a work in progress. The team doesn’t have a rhythm yet but their attitudes are good.

I ordered Kobe Beef Sliders. There was one tiny slider. Good, but not great. My friend had shrimp tacos. She got chicken tacos. Good, but not great.

I commented that they should change the menu to read “slider” instead of “sliders.” I heard her clarify to the next people. She was adapting.

The other bartender came to talk to us. He comped my slider. His attitude was positive and apologetic. He owned it.

We laughed and told him about the shrimp/chicken mix-up (he had taken our order) he was even more apologetic, but honest. He owned it.

We gave taste feedback, and gave suggestions. He took them with grace, and we laughed. He owned it.

If his attitude had been anything less than what it was, I probably would not go back. Instead, his attitude and honesty made me certain to return.

We all make mistakes. Sometimes others are even to blame. But in the game of customer service, the top dog always owns it. #shockyourpotential #secretshoppermichael #salesmixology #tellmemorebook #business #sales #marketing #inspiration #motivation #customerservice #restaurants #foodie #foodies @visitphilly 

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