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Thoughts From the Coffee Table: Over or under?

I was recounting a conversation that I overheard to my husband. A woman was angry that her husband put the toilet paper on the wrong way.

I was astounded. I never knew there was a “right way” nor that it could be a reason to be upset.

My husband told me he believed it should always be rolled over. I had never even given it a thought, but it is important to him. So I roll it over.

I recently made a cultural mistake in a business meeting. I am thankful that the person was not offended by my ignorance but was rather happy to help me understand and learn. I was disappointed in myself, however, because I try to be very cognizant of those important differences.

I research a country before I travel there. I research companies and groups before I speak for them. I try always to anticipate, yet I still make mistakes.

In a world that can be polarized, I am so thankful for those who believe that most people have good intentions. And yet, ignorance is not a defense.

While at my mother-in-law’s this weekend, I had to replace the toilet paper. I checked first. It was rolled over, whether by accident or design, I do not know.

But I know this.

I replaced it the way I found it. I am not taking any chances. #shockyourpotential #secretshoppermichael #business #sales #marketing #inspiration #motivation #cultural #culture #protocol #businessmeetings #etiquette #businessetiquette

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