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Thoughts From the Coffee Table: A picture is worth a thousand likes…

Perfect. An adjective and an adverb. To be perfect. And to perfect.

My friend makes uses this app to make sure her pics are always perfect. I downloaded it 6 months ago and have never used it, not because I am perfect, but because perfecting my pics takes too much energy. I’d rather just take more pics.

I try to enjoy my imperfections, and not just the physical ones. Our life paths, our career moves, the ever-flowing course of our personal choices. Our choices, both good and bad, right and wrong, shape us.

A resume is the map of our careers, but often doesn’t tell the right story. There are things we gloss over. Jobs that are removed. Details we exaggerate. But we don’t use them to tell the most important story. What we can do and what we will deliver to a company.

Working with a job seeker last week we discussed the need to tell the right story. Her resume means nothing if she can’t show how the pieces match the needs of the company. The requirements of the job.

But the pieces don’t have to fit the puzzle exactly. No one has to be a 100% fit. You just have to show how you can, and will, meet and exceed expectations.

You don’t have to be perfect. You need to be able to perfect.

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