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I’ll Have the Shoes with My Sandwich Board

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: The sandwich board never lies.

I once managed hundreds of hearing aid clinics, and I visited as many as I could. One clinic was particularly proud of their use of sandwich boards, something I was unsure of.

Their town had aggressive zoning laws for signage, and they had figured out the frequency with which they could put out their board without getting a notice for removal from the city. It became a game, knowing how often they would be asked to take it down. They crafted their responses so as to always seem innocent, and we were never fined.

I wondered, though, if it was all worth the risk, especially as they explained that they were going to have to “lay low” for a few weeks after flaunting it on their corner for 3 weeks straight.

As I contemplated this a man walked in their door and asked “Did I miss it?”

“Did you miss what?”

“Did I miss the chance to get a free hearing test?  I’ve been driving past your sign for weeks, meaning to call for an appointment. Today I see the sign is gone. I was afraid I missed it.”

Our propensity to buy and to be influenced by marketing cannot always be accurately measured. But the power of the written word can never be underestimated.

We, of course, gave him the free test.


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