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Excellence Chocolates

I Can Eat Just One…

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: I have worked many exhibitor booths at conferences. My goal, besides to make key connections, was to give-away every freebie I brought, too lazy to pack it up and ship it home.

It wasn’t always easy to give things away for free. In the last hour I felt more like a tchotchke salesman than marketer, anxious to eliminate my supply. Sometimes people aren’t comfortable coming to your booth and “taking” something for free.

Last week at #LinkedInGlobalNJ I hovered around the table for Excellence Chocolates. I wanted in. The little wax paper wrappers called my name. Yet I refused to go in when there were lots of takers. I wanted to make eye contact, ask a question, show my appreciation.

I found my way in near the end of the night. I asked Yeruchem State the difference between each design, and he he told me to take as many as I wanted. I stopped myself at 4.

These are spectacular! The chocolate is deep and rich, filled with a center filled with crystals of praline joy. They are perfect with a cup of coffee, a deep red wine, and all alone.

Now that I think of it, I bet he didn’t want to have to ship them all back to Canada. I should have offered to take all the extras off his hands. Opportunity lost…

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