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The Nuttery

Ah Nuts!

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, praline peanuts nipping at your nose….….

I ate all of these in under 3 minutes, and would have gone back for as many as I could have carried off, but I would have to put on a disguise.  Because I would have felt too guilty. After all, they were free!

One of the vendors #LinkedInGlobalNJ was The Nuttery.  CEO Tzvi Wolf was kind enough to connect with me and not judge me. I am sure I walked by about a dozen times to see their whole layout, even hovering before he was ready to open for business.

What made this so much fun was not only the variety of nutty goodies, but also the fun presentation on a cart that made me feel like I was in Central Park on a brisk fall day.

#SecretShopperMichael wants the whole experience. Be engaged. Pulled in. Treated. The whimsical display did that for me and more.

What comes with a product? How does packaging impact your experience? What sights and smells and tactile ingredients make you have a memory?

So now I have a problem. I don’t have a trip planned to NYC until the fall. How am I going to get my fix?

Hm. I bet they ship. Or maybe they will show up at my door with the cart? Ok, now I am being greedy. But a girl can dream!

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