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LinkedIn Global Meetup

#LinkedInGlobalNJ – Rocking the LinkedIn Meetup!

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: I didn’t know what to expect. And the unknown made it all the more enjoyable.

Last Thursday night I posted my first vlog from my car right before I entered the #LinkedInGlobalNJ, LinkedIn Meet Up. Walking into the historic Bell Works building, once the site of many of the most amazing inventions such as the pager, and later the cell phone, the rumors of over 1,000 people attending looked to be valid.

2 hours of non-stop networking amid free food, amazing wines, great chocolates, candied and roasted nuts and more, were followed by 2 hours of LinkedIn success stories.

LinkedIn has been the platform that has most impacted the trajectory of my business. Here I have worked on my material, shaped my message, and made over 14,000 solid contacts (and rising). I have the site open all day, and can’t imagine that once I only used it as a place to house my online resume.

The time, talents and money that went into making last week’s event successful was phenomenal! But I know that every one of them felt the value of their efforts.

I am now on a quest. Find the next global event, and attend. And maybe find a group of like-minded crazy people like myself, and put one together in Philly. Who needs sleep? #LinkedInGlobalPhilly anyone?

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