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A Way With Words

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: “Were you just born a speaker?”

I was recently talking with someone about public speaking. She is not confident in her abilities and wanted to know if I would coach her.

The first seminar I created was called A Way With Words. Which was so crazy because the very day my business partner and I dropped the brochures in the mail, my fortune cookie at lunch said “You’ve got a way with words. Maximize on it.”

That fortune is taped to my office wall, more than 25 years later.

The spoken word is powerful. It can teach, move, inspire and spark. With the wrong speaker, it can also bore you to death or put you to sleep.

Luckily this woman has some raw talent, and she especially has passion. She did say it was ok that I told you that she also said “Um” 43 times and “Ah” 17 times in a 45-minute talk she gave. I promised to rid her of that and tighten her message. She will rock it in no time.

Are we born with it? Maybe. But mostly it takes practice. And the clarity of thought and planning to deliver a coherent and moving message.

Which makes me wonder. What message was Mini-Me trying to convey? I’m not sure, but I’m certain she got her point across. And it ended with applause. And only 2 “Ums.”

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