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Advice – 10 Cents!

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: Is there value in something for free? How much is time and talent worth?

I heard about a woman who earned $1 million writing resumes via Fiverr, starting at $5 each. Being the inquisitive person I am, I had to know more and went to the site to see what I could find.

To my delight I found several gigs that helped me build my business. I bought radio interviews for $15 to get me back in the swing of talking on air.

I paid $20 for the music for my podcast.

I talked to social media experts, graphic designers and more.

Fiverr has an amazing wealth of services for as little as $5.  Quality people with many incredible services to offer! To me, their value is not diminished by a low cost. It makes me admire them.

My Job Seekers Series on my podcast has created a lot of buzz. Many are still working. They can’t be taped, and they aren’t asking for my time for free. But they need a direction. It made me want to try a social experiment. What is the value of advice?

I decided to create a gig that I will keep up for 2 weeks. $5 for 30 mins of interview prep. What could possibly go wrong?

Together I believe we can turn a job hunt from stress to fun. From despair to hope. From prayers to action.

From lost to direction. For $5.

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