Shock Your Potential


Oscar Meyer

Bun on the Run

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: Some people dream of driving the Oscar Mayer WeinerMobile. They are called Hotdoggers.

Long ago I was hired for an amazing job in pharma hospital sales. The competition is tough, the training even tougher, but the company car made it all worth it. During training I was surrounded by some of the smartest people I have known and prayed my sales skills made up for my struggling science brain.

One woman in my training class had an amazing science pedigree. She helped me prep for tests and had patience with my constant questions. She blew us all out of the water.

Then right after graduating she announced that she was going to leave this great job with amazing pay and benefits. To go drive the Oscar Mayer WeinerMobile. I thought she was nuts.

I can’t tell you how many times I have thought about her over the years. I knew that despite her knowledge, she felt ill-equipped for the job. She thought in science, not sales.

Each year over 1,200 people apply for 12 positions driving this dog-gone fun car. More people have been to outer space than having driven this bun on the run.

She gave up a life of sitting in waiting rooms to travel the country. I bet she never looked back. So who am I to judge?

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