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Planting Seeds for Balance

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: There is a side to city life that you can become blind to. Garbage. Graffiti. Dirt.

There is a side of “working for a living” that you can become numb to. Politics. Deadlines. Stress.

I always stress the importance of work/life balance, and I try to model it myself. But one day I realized that several of my team seemed to be taking advantage of the concept.

Many conversations later I understood that their perception of work/life balance meant that they got to “work less” in order to “live more.”

Many honest and difficult conversations helped to clarify. Work hard and focused when you are at work. Be present and focused when you are away from work.

Don’t give up one for the other. The two can, and should, operate in tandem.

Just ahead of our crazy storms yesterday, people were putting out their garbage early. Knowing that we were going to be hit with high winds, I could foresee the garbage that would blow around to become someone else’s problems. More hard work.

And yet on one corner, this beautiful flower stood braced. It was planted by a street artist last fall in the hopes that it would bloom in the midst of dirt and graffiti and garbage.

A long-term plan for balance. A beautiful juxtaposition. Just smart work.

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