Shock Your Potential



How Sweet it Is!

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: I am in a race, and my need for perfection is costing me the prize.

I have brought the rural to my urban life. In cohort with my neighbor, we have built an amazing garden in an alley behind our homes. The alley is older than our homes which were built in the 1850’s, and we currently have tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, tomatillos, herbs and more.

And as of last year, strawberries.

I was so excited for my first ripe berry that I watched it for days, seeing the colors change and anticipating it’s taste. I wanted it to be just right.

Until a blue jay decided it was his breakfast.

I got smarter about getting them before becoming fully ripe, and I outsmarted him more than once. All lessons I forgot this year with the first berry to catch my eye.

And this time it was a squirrel. I caught him in the act. Apparently there is no way to bring him to trial.

I picked this yesterday and it was perfect today. How many things in my career have I waited on until things were “perfect.” A program to roll out. A book to quit editing. An opportunity not chased. A call not made.

Do I seek perfection, or am I just afraid?

My berry didn’t have to ripen on the vine to taste amazing. It was sweet today simply because I got to eat it.


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