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Thoughts From the Coffee Table: “As long as you have altitude and ideas, you’re ok. And we had both.”

That quote is from Capt. Tammie Jo Shults who, along with her co-pilot Darren Ellisor, safely landed the Southwest plane in Philly.

They needed altitude to be able to have time to control the descent, and they needed ideas to tackle everything that was thrown at them. They even relied on hand signals to communicate when hearing wasn’t an option.

For us, altitude can come from those we know and love, our sense of self, a foundation of confidence. All are needed in times of crisis. But the ability to think creatively, to consider options and to react positively to changing circumstances, makes the difference in how we weather our personal and professional storms.

A few weeks ago I watched this squirrel as he perched on the highest point of my neighbor’s roof. He sat there for over an hour, sometimes changing directions, sometimes licking his paws.

What he was contemplating? Was his surveying his domain? Was he meditating?

Or did his altitude give him a different viewpoint from which to see his options more clearly?

Let’s see… Birdfeeders to my right. A fig tree to my left. Some cat food 2 houses down.

So many options. So many ideas…

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