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Hardwork & Tomatoes

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: Are your tomatoes organic?

There is a homeless man who, whenever you see him, is busy cleaning the streets of Philadelphia. He picks up trash, pulls weeds, and clears storm drains. He is always working, making the city bright. He survives on the tips that people give him for his work.

He has a regular “job” cleaning the parking lot of the office building behind my house. While planting our urban garden yesterday my neighbor introduced me to him. His name is Michael too, much to his amusement.

My neighbor has hired him a few times, and this day presented him with a new broom and a shovel that he needed. These tools allow him to continue to work, watching their interaction was amazing. He said a simple thank you, and his pride in his work and tools was beautiful.

I had a salesperson who worked for me who was always unhappy with his job. He made over $80k and could have made well over $100k, but his attitude always got in his way. He felt he was worth more than the effort he wanted to put in.

Michael wanted a banana, water, and a new shovel.

When he left she told me that last year she gave him some of the bounty from our garden. He asked if it was organic.

Michael knows that you get out, what you put in.

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