Shock Your Potential


20012949 - a small pack of three eastern timber wolves gather on a rocky slope in the north american wilderness.

What Big Teeth You Have!

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: You are the Wolf to my Vegetation.

Last night I received a cryptic message from someone who once worked for me, sending me a a YouTube link to “How Wolves Change Rivers.” Apparently I was her wolf.

I was a little alarmed. I thought she liked me! I even modeled a character in my first book after her!

After watching the video, however, I was in tears. I understood her meaning, and was exceptionally honored.

The video depicts the changes that happened throughout Yellowstone National Park when wolves were reintroduced there in 1995. I remember the time well as it was a controversial topic in the West.

Time proved, however, that the wolves played a critical role in the rebirth of the vegetation, animal life and even in the flow of the rivers. This trophic cascade was only possible with the introduction of a predator.

My role at the time was to bring wide-spread change to a large sales organization, and to many my presence must have felt like a predatory invasion. But for “Karen”, at least, I helped her to grow and flourish. And now I am blessed to call her friend.

But here is the truth. “Karen’s” desire to constantly improve herself is the real reason she is successful.

I was just lucky enough to nip at her heels.


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