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All I Want is World Peace!

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: All I want is world peace.

I love interviews. I love being interviewed. I love interviewing others. I love the thrill of not knowing exactly what to expect and having to think and respond quickly and appropriately. And I also have this macabre desire to quote from Miss Congeniality. “And I really do want world peace!”

I had a fun interview last week with Denise Pereau and RVNTV, an online, on-demand TV network. The interview was an opportunity for me to promote my book, but also became a dialogue about current hot topics and their role in my work.

In other words, despite what I thought we would talk about, I had to be able to think and speak on the fly, with live cameras rolling.

I launched a limited series on my Shock Your Potential podcast last week, focused on job seekers. My desire was to strengthen job seekers ability to put their best attributes forward in an interview, thinking strategically about what companies want in an employee. But what I am finding is that the boost of self-confidence and the sense of community is the biggest away.

The downloads have been way beyond all expectation. I know there is something here.

And my hope is that “world peace” comes via one interview, leading to one job, at a time.


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